About Danny

My name is Danny Finkelstein. I grew up in St. Louis, Mo and drove to south Florida during the Olympics in 1996. I love to play with dogs and cats, for that matter all fun pets. In 1999 I went to Plantation city hall and began my career with a business license. I then got a county license and also incorporated. For safety, I became insured and bonded.

I work by myself with no employees and no contractors. I handle the work load myself by having a small service area in Plantation Florida 33324.

Each time I get a new client they become my new favorite client. I enjoy the family like relationship because I get to take care of the kids, ah I mean – the dogs and cats.

For a free estimate, please call me today! (954) 684-1742

Thanks, Danny Finkelstein

Alpha Pack Leader
Neighborhood Pet Sitter, Inc. Est 1999
Dog Walker, Cat Sitter, Pet Sitting, Home Checks & Boarding
Public Officer, Broward County
Board member, Citizens for Pets in Condos, Inc.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Incorporated.
“Happy Pets, Happy People”