Danny FinkelsteinI am an animal person. I’ve always loved being with animals and enjoying the outdoors. After a few years of college, I realized I wanted to focus my career helping make people and pets happy. I had a vision of spending my days and evenings walking dogs in a warm climate at the beach. Twenty years ago, I moved down to South Florida and opened Neighborhood Pet Sitter.

I think of myself as an Alpha Pack Leader: working by myself with no employees and no contractors. I stick to a small service area in Plantation (Broward County, Florida) so I can handle the work load solo. In my spare time, I love jogging, mediating on the beach, spending time with my awesome family, reading and following local politics. I am also a public officer for animals in Broward County and a board member for Citizens for Pets in Condos.

I promise to take care of your pets like they are part of my own family. Give me or a call or text to see if my services are a good fit for what you are looking for Tel:954-684-1742. I can give you an estimate and share with you some of my pet sitting, home checks and boarding rates for dogs, cats and other pets. I cover a lot of ground each day but I try and stay close to the Plantation Florida Area (33324). 

 Happy Pets, Happy People.”